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Bracelet Instructions

How To:
  1. Start off by laying out your design. You may find that you’ll do more rearranging of your pattern than you anticipated before finding a pattern you are happy with.
  2. Decide on the length of your bracelet. In this kit you will find four eleven inch strands. A small adult size is 7″, medium is 7.5″ to 8″, large is 9″, and plus size is 9.5″.
  3. Next we will pre-stretch the elastic strand slightly. This can help prevent the strand from stretching too much more over time.
  4. If needed, use scotch tape as a bead stopper before stringing your beads
  5. Start stringing your beads.
  6. Once the beads are all strung, it’s time to finish things up by tying a surgeons knot. As you are passing one end of the strand over and under the other end, do it one more time. Then continue by adding one or two regular knots. This gives you a knot that’s more durable.
  7. Next we will trim the extra strands, try to trim it close to the knot but not so close that it compromises the knot.
  8. Finally, you will cinch off the tips of the strands If you’d like, you can also add a drop of superglue onto the knot
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